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Must be Willing and Able to Sell

It’s always amazing at how proud people are of not liking or not being good at sales. It’s almost a badge of honor or a sign of moral superiority to not want anything to do with sales. Even thinking of sales brings so many negative images and descriptions to mind. It’s really unfortunate if you feel this way and want to have your own business because your survival depends on being able to... read more

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

As people turn towards considering entrepreneurship, the question becomes if they are the type of person who would be able to do such a thing. Aside from all the practical business questions to determine if you have a product or service that could sell, a market to sell it to, the funding to get started, and reliable means of providing the good or service, people want to know what they personally need to... read more

You Define Yourself

What do you want to be when you grow up? You’ve probably lost count of how many times you were asked this as a kid. Even as you get older, the question doesn’t quite go away. It may change shape and become “So, what do you do?” but it’s still the same thing. Perhaps you were you like me, one of those kids that couldn’t answer this question? There were too many things you wanted to be and... read more

The Myth of a Good Job

Let’s be honest. We all want the magic ticket, the inside scoop, the trick, the skill, the certain something that leads you to a ‘good’ job. I’m not talking about dishonesty. I’m not talking about lying to get ahead or doing nothing and getting paid millions. I’m not talking about all the things that make a person go “Yeah….riiiight…” Here’s the thing. There are no secrets... read more