Digging Out

What was meant to be a pause became a hiatus. It’s always interesting when the flow of life decides to assert itself over what you’ve planned. The push to finish a college semester strong, the controlled chaos of moving, and the build up of ‘life happens’ moments can shake you from your belief that everything is always under your control. This year has been very challenging for me, but it’s... read more

The Myth of a Good Job

Let’s be honest. We all want the magic ticket, the inside scoop, the trick, the skill, the certain something that leads you to a ‘good’ job. I’m not talking about dishonesty. I’m not talking about lying to get ahead or doing nothing and getting paid millions. I’m not talking about all the things that make a person go “Yeah….riiiight…” Here’s the thing. There are no secrets... read more

You Want Action, Not Admiration

You don’t want your clients admiring your marketing. You want them buying. You want signed order forms and, even better, signed, cleared checks. Let your marketing team and executives admire, high five, and back slap over the sheer majesty of your latest campaign. When it comes to your clients, you want them signing on and buying. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest buzz. What’s cool now,... read more

Be Demanding

You have a right to be picky when it comes to what defines you. Your resume, your marketing materials, your website, and all the other details that tell world who you are matter. The written word is sometimes the only way future clients and employers will get to know who you are and what you can do. These items represent you when you aren’t there. Be demanding. This is your life, your work. It is... read more

The Big Leap!

For some, the change in the economy and subsequent job changes led people to take on self-employment. It’s a definite change from the schedule and structure working for someone else provides. There is much written about the nuts and bolts of setting up a business, freelancing, consulting etc. and this is a wonderful thing. There really is so much to know about whatever venture you decided to pursue and... read more
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