Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

As people turn towards considering entrepreneurship, the question becomes if they are the type of person who would be able to do such a thing. Aside from all the practical business questions to determine if you have a product or service that could sell, a market to sell it to, the funding to get started, and reliable means of providing the good or service, people want to know what they personally need to have or do to make it.

If you do a search for the ‘qualities of an entrepreneur’ you will find some very good lists. Time management, perseverance, willing to think outside of the box, and an openness to change will find their ways on these lists along with a strong drive to succeed, highly motivated, and the ability to get results, among many other traits.

At first glance, all of these qualities make sense. You need to be all of these things to be a successful entrepreneur, but these are the same traits of just about any successful person or top performer in any position you can think of.

Do you want to be the top salesperson? Having perseverance and being highly motivated will help you get there. Do you want to be an excellent teacher? Strong time management skills and a willingness to think outside of the box will do good things for you. These lists of skills are part of being success in general, but not exclusive to being a success as an entrepreneur. It’s a different animal.

If you want to take on entrepreneurship, here are four specific things you need to have or acquire to make making it happen a little easier:

  • Willingness to accept high levels of uncertainty.
  • Willingness to accept ‘failure’ and walk away.
  • Free from the “that’s not my job” mentality and willing to wear all the hats as needed.
  • Willing and able to sell.

The next four articles will discuss each of these traits in detail. For now, think about these things and think about your life. Pay attention to your reactions to each statement. These internal clues will help you decide if you want to do move forward with being on your own or not.

It’s also good to know that entrepreneurship is something that can happen at any time in your life. Age, experience, marital status, children or no children, economic status, and other aspects can be factors to consider, but that is true for any job. While some can say being self employed, a freelancer, a consultant, etc is a way of life, it’s just a job in the end. Jobs come and go and jobs change. Jobs (and careers) are what you make of them.

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