Digging Out

What was meant to be a pause became a hiatus.

It’s always interesting when the flow of life decides to assert itself over what you’ve planned. The push to finish a college semester strong, the controlled chaos of moving, and the build up of ‘life happens’ moments can shake you from your belief that everything is always under your control.

This year has been very challenging for me, but it’s a good thing.  Moving to a new city, starting a new business, and continuing a degree are the right kinds of hard because they pushed me out of the comfortable (but deadening) groove I’d settled into.  To get the life you want, you have to physically, mentally, and emotionally, climb out of the rut.  It’s been tiring, painful, and at times frustrating, but I really want those rewards that only come from leaving the familiar behind.

One thing I’ve noticed is when you’re living in a rut, you don’t realize you’re taking the easy way.  It may not be rewarding or satisfying, but the rut is easy – even if just comfortable and predictable misery. You can’t fail in a rut, but you also can’t really succeed.

At some point in life, you’ve heard the saying the only difference between a grave and a rut is the depth. Are you ready to die? More importantly, are you ready to live?

I’ve decided to live. Really and truly be alive. Join me. I have a shovel. Let’s dig until we see the sun again.

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