You Want Action, Not Admiration

You don’t want your clients admiring your marketing. You want them buying.

You want signed order forms and, even better, signed, cleared checks. Let your marketing team and executives admire, high five, and back slap over the sheer majesty of your latest campaign. When it comes to your clients, you want them signing on and buying.

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest buzz. What’s cool now, ten seconds from now, tomorrow, so many people chase it. Why? Because we have to… well, at least that’s what we’re told. Hunt down your demographic, know everything about what they like, what they buy, what they dream about at night.

Is that a bad thing? I was told to know your customer.

Yes and no. You should have a good idea of both who is interested in your stuff and who is actually buying the thing. (That right there can be a really big difference.) People sniffing around at the edges of your idea might be nudged into buying and loving you. They might be the next stage of your business growth. Those are lovely things. The people buying your stuff are a thing of beauty and should be loved on in return. They’re keeping your lights on and wheels turning.

However… and there is always a however…

There is what’s called ‘analysis paralysis.’ It’s that dreadful condition where perfectly capable and reasonable people grind all progress to a halt because they are measuring, testing, reporting and analyzing themselves to a standstill. All thinking with no actual doing taking place.

Now, I believe in the ‘measure twice, cut once’ school of thought, but you need to actually cut. You can spend too much valuable time messing around with fonts and color schemes or crafting exactly the right Tweet but never putting anything up on your site or getting the word out. The same is true with process improvement. All the best marketing in the world can only cover broken processes for so long.Your clients will come, but they’ll leave if it’s only paint and hype.

But I need to let people know I exist, you might be saying to yourself right now.

Yes! Certainly! Get the word out! Even in this glorious age where you could run a successful business out of a closet if the WiFi signal reached, you would still need some way of making your offerings known. However, stay focused on the actions that matter. Know what you do. Know who wants and buys what you’ve got. Make it look good enough that you feel proud to stand next to it and claim it’s yours. Let people know you’re alive and how to get in on the goods.

That’s where to start and that’s where to come back to if you’ve lost sight of the path.

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